Conversational AI driven Customer Engagement

Most customer engagement teams are stretched due to technology and processes that rely solely on Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR) and human agents. Investing in AI driven chatbots can help manage your queues, free up your agents, and streamline how you engage with your customers.  This is an additional self-service channel which helps you reduce costs while leaving the customer in control.

Assisted eCommerce

Reduce your bounce rate and cart abandonment by answering the questions throughout the shopping journey. Answer shopper questions as they come to their mind. These could be around size, delivery days, delivery areas, return policy, or payment methods.

Interactive Forms

Onboard customers conversationally with NLP assisted forms. This help customers complete the form quickly, completely and accurately.

Appointment Scheduling

Enable your customers to schedule appointments without lifting a finger. This is using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Microsoft Cortana.

HR bot for Employees 

AI-powered bots for HR are able to streamline and personalise the HR process for employees. Whether it’s enrolling in activities, discussing vacation policies, or completing training, HR bots can assist employees every step of the way.

IT Service Desk

A large percentage of questions coming to Service Desk are repetitive. An effective Chatbot can handle monotonous tasks and allow IT service desk agents to focus on more complex queries, therefore saving time and cost while greatly improving support efficiency. 

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