50% more inquiries from the website after introducing 24x7 Live Chat


About Tony Martins Gym
Tony Martins is a well-known 24x7 Gym in the Mt Roskill area of Auckland, New Zealand, very popular among local students and Adults.
“When you become a member of Tony Martin's Gym it's not simply a matter of achieving one goal, you are on a journey of achieving a lifestyle you can grow, maintain and enjoy. Moreover, we are going to be with you every step of the way” said Tony Martin.
fitness center engages new customers through promotions and local advertisements, which are hard to miss. The big advert balloon amuses not only kids but also the adults.


Managing the increased website traffic 
Over the years since it launched, the team at Tony Martins started to see a trend. While phone still rings, but the website was seeing more and more traffic. 
To stay competitive and growing, the team needed to figure out a strategy to convert more of the website traffic into members. Tony Martins team have worked to optimise the site in terms of the structure, usability, and design as well as offers to consumers.

Tony Martins provide 24x7 access to the Gym, so visitors on the website and in the gym expect a 24x7 response to their questions.


Reaching out to the website visitors
To add a personal engagement to the site, the team at Tony Martin’s Gym turned to implementing Chatmate’s Live Chat solution on the site to help facilitate conversions. 

Live Chat was looked at as an opportunity to engage all website visitors and answer customers queries instantly, eventually to help convert the visitors into members.

Having the Chatmate’s agents available to answer questions for customers 24/7 was important, whether they were at the beginning of their research or have specific questions on group classes, personal trainers, or prices. The Live Chat was integrated into the Tony Martin Gym website in December 2017, and the team at Chatmate has since worked with Tony Martins to continually grow the memberships and provide a great experience to the customers.

Now the website is never unattended. The customer who are viewing the website from their tablets, iPad’s and smartphones can get their answers quickly.


Experience of using Live Chat

In one of the scenarios, a student wanted to but will be going for a couple of months to overseas. Understand his needs and proposing the best membership package helped the customer make an instant decision to join the Gym.enrol

Ex-Aucklander from Switzerland was so happy to get hold of someone at 3am NZ time. He wanted to gift a Tony Martins T-shirt to his wife and wondering if it can be delivered to Switzerland. The agent engages in conversation, understood the emotions and provided him the best possible solution.

Tony Martin provides 24/7 access to the Gym. Existing customers always have queries like lost access cards, and access on public holidays. They now simply chat with the agents and get their answers instantly.



With the main goal to drive more conversions through the website, Tony Martin also gained a direct pipeline to customers, increasing the online inquiries. Now Tony Martins can replicate the awesome experience they provide at the Gym through the website too. We don’t want to leave our customers unattended from any locations - said Tony Martin.
by 50%

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