Live Chat Benefits You Need to Know

Customer support agents are expected to handle more than one inquiry at a time. But is it possible on a phone line?

Well, the answer is No!

So, why don’t you cut the cord and get the phones off the desks?

Well, with live chat software you can handle several inquiry cases over a single support line, simultaneously.

On the phone line consumers are sitting and waiting for support to get connected for more than 10 minutes to hear, “All our support lines are still busy kindly wait for sometime. Thanks.”

Making them irritated and frustrated with the brand. This way the consumer chooses a competitor providing faster and easy to use support systems. Thankfully, live chat software is a great fixer to this problem, when you aren't present to respond.

Smart Businesses are realizing that there is a better way to do business and have started using live chat for everything across the spectrum of sales, marketing, and support. Because of this new channel, they are seeing a tangible return on investment.

Not only this, there are certain more benefits that live chat software offers for a more measurable business growth.

1. Real Time Responses

The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

- Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart 

Customers find chat easy and quick way to find answers, and for the company, it is an easy tool to interact with them. This helps in establishing a long-term relationship with the customers and have real time conversations.

Source: Hubspot

As consumers are becoming more and more impatient, it is becoming important to answer their queries quickly without wasting their time. Live chat software and live agents are the best options to fix this issue. Chat will not only improve the company’s response rate but will also convert visitors to customers and improve lead generation rates.

Not only owing to the response time but also the software offers analytics that helps in tracking visitor’s behavior on the website. Then this data can be easily fetched and sent to the sales department to make improvement in their lead conversion methods.

As reported by Vtldeaign, 91% users, who were invited to have a live chat with any sales reps, liked live chat as it helped them in their product purchasing decision and resolved their product queries instantly. While, 38% of online users said, they made their purchase because of a live chat session.

In the end, your entire company should focus on customer service. And live chat support is an instant connection between the buyers and the business. It is a support that provides faster resolution to buyer’s problems.

2. Offers Multi-tasking for Customers

According to Econsultancy, "51% customers prefer live chat because it allows them to multitask including another 21% who like live chat because it helps them to shop while they work."

Today’s consumer is a mega multitasker. Nobody would like to spend their time clinging to the phone lines to get answers to their queries. With live chat support, customers can carry out their day-to-day tasks while they wait for the notification to assure that the agents have replied. This can be done while the consumer is shopping on the website and require some delivery details about the product. In this scenario, the consumer can straight away shoot a query at the live chat support while looking at other products for shopping.

3. 24/7 availability with live agents

“There’s no substitution for knowledgeable, human service.”

This era’s customers like to reach to you whenever and wherever they find an issue, this can happen outside of normal working hours. Live chat gives you the opportunity to provide 24/7 support with a real person.

Knowledge bases and help articles are excellent in providing customer support. Even if there are a number of Help articles present online finding them quickly for the customers isn't easy. Live agents can immediately push links of the articles via chat window. So, instead of walking through the entire troubleshooting process, agents can link the visitor to the appropriate content directly. Additionally, with screen sharing capabilities even the most complex issues can be solved in a quick and efficient manner.

In a world where everything is turning digital having a discussion with a real human being is quite useful and refreshing.

4. Prevent unnecessary costs

Support lines cost a lot of money, especially at times when customers are put on hold for a long duration. While live chat doesn't play with these issues, it has the capability to easily surpass international and language barriers. This way the system doesn't cost more than a quality email provider and is a lot cheaper than phone systems. According to recent research, live chat customer service is 17% cheaper than a phone call. This is because live chats allow agents to address multiple user inquiry simultaneously. With proper training, most live chat agents handle three or more chat at a time.

Note: Be aware of free live chat service providers. Free likely means less functionality and inferior vendor support.

5. Competitive Advantage

As Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric says, "If you do not have a competitive advantage, do not compete."

And this is true if your business doesn't have an advantage over your competition then it’s useless to be in business.

Number of people who have engaged in a Live Chat

Source: Forrester

The above image shows not a lot of people have come across live chatting. Integrating Live Chat software on your business website can be the feather in your business’ hat. There are a good number of people who prefer better customer support experience than everything else. You should target these people only when you have mastered live chat customer support system. Botton-line, with chat and 24/7 live agents you can take your business to another level. You can easily differentiate from your competition by providing an exceptional customer experience, not just trying to compete on price.

If you still consider live chat is not your cup of tea, ChatMate can be your savior. Our customer-focused bunch of experts can make sales and support happen RIGHT on your website.

6. Increases Sales

“The handful of companies that respond promptly and accurately to customer emails increase trust in their brand, bolster customer satisfaction, and boost sales both online and offline.” - BenchmarkPortal

Live Chat helps in boosting online sales. As it is seen that more than 82% of the consumers require some kind of assistance while buying online. This is the reason that there is a boost in the number of sales in live chat integrated websites.

Source: Intercom

Recently, Post Affiliate Pro reported that they experienced a 23% increase in their conversion rate when they implemented live chat on their website. But the idea is to have a live chat option online with 24/7 live agents, so you do not lose customers any time.

Just simply integrating a live chat support software on you website won’t be enough, you must train your agents well and at least one agent should be available online in order to respond the customer queries.

A Forrester report says that 77% of consumers said that they need to talk to a real person before making a purchase online.

Not having a live agent on the website means losing sales as well as customers.

Big brands have realized that providing with better engagement opportunities can increase the overall satisfaction rate and brand preference. In fact according to a report, from Aberdeen Group, 94% of the organizations provide support across multiple channels. This increase in engagement channels has made customers more demanding as they want greater flexibility, real-time interactivity, and quick service responses. Businesses have come to realize that the most effective strategy is to be where the customers are present rather than bringing in traffic. It is not enough just to provide support, a company needs to be approachable and available on all channels.

Presently, live chat is becoming all popular and profitable as a customer engagement platform. Indeed, a Forrester report showed that 44% of the respondents said that having a live person answer their questions while they were in the middle of an online purchase was one of the most important features a website could offer. Chat has now become a “must have” communication tool for any business.

Still wondering whether live chat function on your business website will help you grow? While the adoption rates for the companies that use chat continue to grow, it’s only a matter of time before all of your competitors are using it. So, do not sit back, talk to our experts at ChatMate today and know what all advantages it can bring to your business.



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