Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting!

Don’t keep your customers waiting!

You want to know why? ​

According to​ Sprout Social Index Report

If you keep your Customers waiting 36% will shame you publicly, and 1 in 3 will switch to a Competitor.

Unfortunately, businesses keep their customers waiting as they use traditional call-center telephone support channels to communicate instead of instant two-way communication channel like live chat systems. With an average response time of 10 hours via social media. This is what so many brands do with their customers whom they consider valuable.

This situation is so normally accepted that if the customer needs something they should willingly wait for the service providers. But this is when the brands forget that they need customers to stand in the market.

Consider this scenario, you call at a traditional call center support you are greeted with a waiting message and then expected to wait on the line patiently until a human agent is available to address your issues.

The bottom line: The agent’s time is much more important than a customer’s time.

A huge number of customers are reaching out to brands find silence or delayed responses only increasing the customer’s frustration. But with live chat software that wait-time has been significantly reduced noted to be 2 minutes (as its average response time). ​

“Solid Customer Service is Always Equals to Better Revenue”

Live chat sessions are quick and the total interaction time is kept as short as possible. Shorter chat sessions have resulted in higher customer satisfaction rate.

According to an eMarketer paper, Live chat has been directly related to 38% of online purchases. And, 62% of customers who have used live chat said they would be more likely to purchase again from the business who provided the service.

Customers need their questions to be answered quickly and also need a sense of reassurance that can only be provided with an active human interaction. In the book, Rethinking the Sales Cycle, John Holland and Tim Young identify a sense of risk as being the most striking emotion present in the final stages of the buying cycle.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to help customers through this phase when they see nothing more than a computer screen. This is where a human element can help mitigate that sense of risk by providing reassurance and a sense of value in the product being purchased.​

The positive difference seen is undeniable.​

Summing Up​

So, if you are still considering why fast and efficient customer support? Well, the answer is straight, customers value their time and they expect you to value it too. So, at this point, if you are not providing live chat customer service, your competitors might be, and your customers may be wondering why you are not.

Also, if you want to know how live chat can benefit your business, you can read our blog, “Live Chat Benefits you need to know”.

If you are still confused about live chat, talk to our experts and we will help you evaluate whether or not your customers require live chat support with you, whether your business model needs it. And we will help you add it to your customer support offerings if you find it’s a need you’re not currently meeting.

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