3 Big Ways How Chatbot Can Support Your Business

May 14, 2019



A few years ago, every industry was dealing with a common problem “Better Customer Support for their Business


A lot of solutions were tried out, costly phone lines, extended customer support staff, and long training session, but nothing turned out to be effective.


It was a time when every business was spending tons of money on their customer support department. Then the idea of chatbot popped out. The industry-leaders could not believe, how a small box with a very simple algorithm placed on a website could better their product support.


But as time passed by, businesses found out 3 big ways how Chatbot was supporting their business.


1. Chatbot plays as a Big Support to the Support Team


SMBs mostly have a relatively small support department for their customer base.

And depending on the time of the day and the sales graph, the support team could be super busy or super slow.

So, for both the turnouts, during busy times, a chatbot can support multiple customer conversations at the same time. And during slow times can exhaustively support queries 24/7.


According to MarTech Today, “Company built the chatbot to assist its human support team, which handles more than 16,000 customer interactions weekly,


2. Cost effective Alternative


According to Juniper Research, “A chatbot inquiry can save about 4 minutes, in comparison to traditional call center services. It is predicted, that by 2022, chatbots will account for more than $8 billion per annum in cost savings.”


For most of the companies, a virtual assistant act as the first line of defense and only complex queries can be escalated to human agents. This frees the human agents at the contact centres to address only complex queries and to provide a better line of service.


It also reduces the number of agents required on the call centre floor as well as agent attrition due to the repetitive nature of routine calls.


3. Expanded Operational Hours


Another biggest advantage of integrating a chatbot with your business is that you make your business accessible to your customers 24/7. This means they work as a non-exhaustive, unbiased, and dedicated customer support agent. Providing services outside your daily working hours through the night, and on national holidays when your business might be closed.  


By expanding your operational hours you are fulfilling the requirements of every customer type while serving them all hours of the day and night. This will help your company cater to an audience that you otherwise might have missed.


Other sets of benefits of a Chatbot are -


- Chatbot smoothes out the busy and slow times for our support team,

- Chatbot help phone phobic customers to get immediate answers

- Adding chat offers a real-time conversation, better than email.

- Chatbot offers performance reporting

- A greater lead conversion tool

- An easy way to attend your unattended customers


It seems out that customers love an additional communication channel.


This is just the beginning, what we have experienced till now, is the power of Chatbot in its infancy stage. It is a lot capable of changing business’ operations significantly. The technology will become smarter, and the responses will become faster. So, Don’t let your customers Wait because 1 out of 3 will switch to your competitor.  


And if you are confused about opting a Chatbot get in touch with us. And explore the unlimited benefits of chatbots with ChatMate.


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