4 Reasons Why Live Chat is a Must on Hotel’s Website

63% of the users are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat as opposed to one that doesn’t. In this post we look at reasons why your hotel should be thinking about live chat.

1. Get more direct bookings

You’ve got them on your website. Live chat is a great way to engage users, answer their queries – in a personalised fashion – and convert them into a booking. A chat offering current room rates and benefits of staying at your property reduces the need for the users to return to an online travel agent (OTA) for a rate compare and booking.

2. Quicker booking process & lesser ‘shopping around’

If you’ve studied Google’s paper on how micro moments are shaping a travel journey, you’d know that 40% of the users bounce back and forth before committing to a booking. Live chat is an opportunity to address a guest’s concerns and curtail this ‘shopping around’ behaviour. Guests will always have questions, and navigating through pages of a website is not the most user-friendly or time-efficient way to deliver them. Some hotels still rely on phone calls to solve their customer’s needs and problems. If a guest has a question, they must call their customer care to get the answer. This process is a time-consuming and usually leaves the customer frustrated. Live chat is an easy and cost-effective way out of this process.

3. Deliver an excellent guest experience

Your live chat team is an extension of your staff, supporting with queries and pushing sales when you’re not around. From a guest’s perspective, live chat is a way to get instant responses. For the ‘always online’ modern traveller, this is a sign of excellent service. It is particularly handy when dealing with overseas clients where accents or call quality might be an issue – chat is an easy way in.

4. Improve online reputation

The power of online reviews in driving bookings is well known among hoteliers. By providing a platform in live chat to quickly address queries, you leave guests happy and provide a reason for them to leave a positive online review. Live chat is also a great way to address complaints and reducing negative reviews. As users always deal with a human on live chat, and not a bot, concerns are addressed in an appropriate fashion.

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