10 Reasons Why We Use LiveChat

ChatMate is a 24x7 Live Chat Team, on a mission to maximise value from the website traffic for SME and growing businesses.

Our sales growth solution provides live chat tools, with the great chat team in the business. We’re experts at using the power of conversation to deliver more leads from existing website traffic. On the other hand, we want to make website visitors life’s easier by providing them instant help.

ChatMate help businesses to grow, by generating leads and provide the best possible customer service. We work with businesses from different verticals, that include lawn mowers, crypto currency exchange, Health and fitness, cleaning services, eCommerce, and retail.

For us to operate efficiently and provide the best possible service, software solutions play a vital role. We spent significant time evaluating various Live Chat software’s and decided to use LiveChat as our software of choice. This is reflection of useful features that LiveChat provides.

LiveChat is created with agencies like us in mind and has all the features an agency will need to support multiple clients and websites efficiently and flexibly.

1. Groups and URL Rules: You can create each client as a group, and then route all traffic from their web pages to the group. This helps us assign different agents to that group and view reports and graphs filtered by the group.

2. Chat Window Customisation: You can customise the look and feel of chat window to match the client’s website. We handle chats for multiple clients, and this feature allows us to match the chat window theme to that of the website. We can also tailor greetings which help us maximise chat traffic by presenting custom greetings.

3. Easy Integration: It is super easy to install Live Chat on a website. Plugins and instructions are available for most commonly used plugin’s and in our experience, takes less than 10 minutes to install. Chat window is not only supported on desktops but also presented well in phones and tablets.

4. Agent Whispering: We have team manager monitoring the chats in real time and can send a message to agent which only they can see. It helps us to train the new agents while still delivering the best customer services simultaneously.

5. Typing Sneak Peek: Agents can see in real time what customer is typing, it helps them prepare for answers even before the message is sent by the customer.

6. Knowledge Base: LiveChat comes with inbuilt Knowledge base app, which is very well presented and available to the agent next to the chat window. This help them navigate through the knowledge article very efficiently, resulting in reducing the wait time for customers.

7. Open API’s: The comprehensive API set means you can integrate LiveChat with external system any way you like. We are able to pull the chat transcripts into our internal system as soon as the chat finishes, extract useful info from the chat and send the info to our clients via SMS and email. This is one of many things you can do with the LiveChat API’s

8. Chatbot Ready: Besides human agents you can add bot’s as well that allow you to handle peaks and automate some of the simpler communication. Going forward chatbots going to play important role in delivering the best experience to customers, and LiveChat is ready to enable that

9. Ease of use: This is probably one of the very important factors and hard to compare objectively, but our estimates and comparison suggests that LiveChat provide at least 20% more efficiently than other tools we compared

10. Awesome Support: The team at LiveChat puts their own tool to best use. You can ask any questions and you get a quick and accurate response. Helps you move faster

LiveChat Experts Marketplace

Using LiveChat across multiple type of businesses, we end up exploring and implementing various features of LiveChat in detail. As part of this journey we came across multiple business who ask us to advise them the software to use. We decided to join the LiveChat Experts Marketplace which will help us increase the reach of our service and also enable us to contribute to the success of businesses across the globe.

How can Chatmate help?

Chatmate is customer-focused bunch with the people and processes to make sales happen RIGHT on your website. Our chat team will engage your website visitors within 30 seconds, answer any questions, and confirm the sale. Moreover, we are ready when your customers are. It could be 10PM in the night or 3PM on a Sunday afternoon.

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