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AI-driven Bots Testing

WebTest automation test specialists identified the key challenges of the Chatbot automation process. They are the lack of prior prototypes, information security, lack of conversational design understanding and a large number of test cases. A chatbot must be tested for a behavioural response, dialogue accuracy, response time, cross-platform compatibility and integration with other applications. 


A Chatbot is seen as a tool to cut the Call Centre costs especially for multilingual support which makes the testing aspect more challenging. 

The BotEngine Experts

It takes experience and effort to turn a Chatbot idea into a successful implementation. We are experts in the art of conversation design with the in-depth knowledge of BotEngine. This enables us to deliver a successful bot implementation for you.

The LiveChat Experts

Over 24,000 happy customers rely on LiveChat in their everyday duties. LiveChat is an application that enables the website visitors to chat live with customer support. Chatmate is expert partners of LiveChat, which allow us to provide a holistic solution to the businesses we support.

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