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About Us

In te ao Māori, the concept of ako means both to teach and to learn. It recognises the knowledge that both trainers and learners bring to learning interactions, and it acknowledges the way that new knowledge and understandings can grow out of shared learning experiences.


At Ako.ai we believe that AI driven applications mean continuous learning for us, partners we work with, machines we are trying to perfect, and for the customers who are interacting with these applications.


Ako.ai is AI Solutions Provider focussing on applications of AI to solve real-world problems. 

With our human-centric approach to AI, we ensure that every organisation succeeds with AI now and in the future.

Who are we?

We are a team of customer success and technology veterans. While technology and professional customer support are already available to organisations, we are trying to bring AI driven technology to make organisations ready for the future. Chatting and instant messaging changed our lives by showing us what was possible. We want you to be a part of our world and experience how to make possible become reality.


Our team is passionate about customer engagement and Andy Dharmani is an inspirational leader who is well regarded for his vision and ability to deliver results. With natural business acumen and in-depth knowledge of technology, Andy has driven growth for New Zealand companies by focusing on business success. Ako.ai founder internationalisation, partnerships, and new products. Andy has been part of startup businesses in the past where he played a pivotal role in growing the businesses and penetrating into difficult markets.

Office Locations

We are local with access to global talent, with teams in New Zealand, USA, and India

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